Snow Checker

The Otherwise weather service, based on the Talk Python FastAPI course

Don't have a thermometer to hand? Can't be bothered to look outside to see what the weather is like? Use this API to check the weather anywhere in the world.

Response JSON
  • Click here to see the weather in Feldkirch (Austria) right now.
  • Click here to see the weather in Llandysul (UK) right now.
  • Current weather in a city
    GET /api/weather/{city}?country={country}&state={state}

    • Required: city={city} - the city you want to get the weather at.
    • Optional: state={state} - the state of the city (US only, two letter abbreviations).
    • Optional: country={country} - country, UK if none specified (two letter ISO 3166 country codes, see a list of ISO country codes).
    • Optional: units={units} - units: {metric, imperial, standard}, defaults to metric.

Recent weather events

  • Feldkirch, AT: More rain expected tomorrow
  • Feldkirch, AT: Lots of rain today